A cake with conflicting layers will never taste as sweet as a one where all the flavours are working in harmony. You can try to compensate by loading heaps of icing on top, but people can tell, man. People can tell.

Of course, teenage rebellions are generally directionless, and built upon little intellectual foundation – and often give way to a return to the level of conformity that was expected in the first place. But sometimes, when the conditions are right, they blossom into something else entirely. To that end, I have been gradually fleshing out a short story arc about Swallowtail and Tim’s time in high school, how they met and became friends and all that – a brief glimpse of those days can be seen in Interlude #44. Not sure yet when I’ll get to draw it (I don’t have a conclusion for the arc yet), but this should give you some idea of what to expect, from Swallowtail’s point of view at least.