Depression always has an underlying cause, and it can have as much to do with expectations as actual afflictions. In searching for this cause, it is easy to focus on the undesirable presences in your life, and overlook the things that are undesirably absent.


I should explain: the dominant ‘Ya religion is based around a deity called the Sacred Homophobic Tree’ya, which is no doubt a fairly self-explanatory concept (also the last panel is just a metaphorical representation; the real one is safeguarded in a heavily-fortified temple). So even though I’m referencing some comics I haven’t drawn yet, I’m sure you’re familar enough with my brand of satire to know that I don’t deal in particularly complex types of encryption; much like the ‘Ya “language”, it’s just a simple substitution cipher. (Note: don’t bother decoding the dialogue in panel 7, unless you just want to see a bunch of homophobic slurs.)

Oh, and don’t forget this tract on the evolution of mammal’ya reproduction, if you’re wondering why the ‘Ya are a pantsless culture.